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what to expect from the latest apple ipads

We can whisper that models are getting even more beautiful and powerful with each one!

iPad 8th generation

The latest Apple iPad model came out last September. Indeed, something even very good also happened in 2020! The younger, 8th generation iPad quickly conquered the hearts of fans because it’s not only very friendly to your wallets but also can become a great ally in the day-to-day run.

For those who value design and color, there are three different color models available – Silver, Gold, Space Gray.

It has a 10.2-inch touch screen and an A12 Bionic processor. There are also two types of models available – one with 32GB, the other with 128GB memory storage. For everyday use, 32GB of memory will definitely suffice, but for gaming fans and people who have to work with large-format video on a daily basis, we recommend choosing 128GB of memory storage.

iPad Air 4th generation

In terms of the 4th generation iPad, its post-recession model was launched in October 2020. Although it is not the friendliest model in terms of price, it has plenty of qualities that will be useful for both work and recreation. It has a 10.9-inch touch screen, an A14 Bionic processor, and 64GB and 256GB memory storage available.

You can add a keyboard and mouse to this model, so it will be a good ally at work.

If you are a person who cares that your everyday ally for work or leisure matches your style, then you will definitely like this model iPad. It is available in five colors – silver, space gray, rose gold, green and azure.

iPad Mini 5th generation

The last released 5 th-generation iPad Mini for Apple fans is available from March 2019. It has a 7.9-inch touch screen, an A12 Bionic processor, and a choice between 64GB and 256GB storage.

In terms of price, this model may not be the most friendly. However, there is enough storage available, which will allow you to play games and watch more videos without problems.

To become more comfortable in everyday running, it also fits with Apple’s smart keyboard and first-generation Apple pencil.

iPad Pro 4th generation

We have saved the best and most interesting in the end. It must be said that in terms of price, this is the most expensive model, but of all the iPads, this is the most similar and closest to laptops.

There are two types of touch screen models available – 11 inches and 12.9 inches. The 2020 model has an A12Z Bionic processor and two camera lenses that will allow you to take better-resolution images. If you are looking for an iPad with really large memory storage, then the 2020 iPad pro is made for you, because a model with 1TB memory storage is also available. It is also compatible with Apple keyboards and pencil accessories.

The most striking difference between the 2018 and 2020 iPad pro is that the latest model has LiDAR sensors. It is said that this sensor is able to scan an object up to 5 meters away, but it should be noted that it is not possible to see through objects, so rain may confuse this sensor. It has a 12-megapixel standard camera and a 10-megapixel wide-angle lens. So this model will be a good ally if you like to take photos.


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